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Snowmobiling Hotels in Canada
Fleuve Saint Laurent - Nord
Name City Trail Rating Phone Notes Comments
Auberge du KM 31 Monts Valin 93 1-418-948-0960 1,2,5 Sled & trailer Parking, small rooms, quiet. No TV/Phone. Has Internet.
Auberge Gouverneur Shawinigan 347-M? 1-819-537-6000 0,2,4,5,6 Sled & trailer Parking, nice rooms/food, but quiet. Located in the city.
Auberge de la Grande-Baie Saguenay (La Baie) 83 1-418-544-9334 0,2,4 Not a bad stop. But very difficult to get to by snowmobile.
Auberge la Diligence Dolbeau-Mistassini 93 1-418-276-6544 2,4 Typical Motel in a small town, right on the trail. There's a bowling alley across the street.
Auberge la Glaciere St Zenon 343/350 1-450-884-5565 1,2,4,5 Outdated snowmobile mecca. Had the playboy channel.
Auberge le Cabanon St Zenon 23/63 1-450-884-5762 1,2,4,5,6 Outdated snowmobile mecca. Didn't visit the indoor pool.
Auberge le Montagnard St-Roch de Mekinac 347/360 1-819-646-5555 0,2 Small place, but does have vehicle parking. Nice outfitter complete with a bar. Unique Food.
Auberge le Relais L'Etape 23 1-418-846-2207 2 6' Ceilings, community baths, but a great place. It is also on RT-175.
Auberge Mekinac St-Roch de Mekinac 347 1-819-646-5735 0,2,4 What's to say, this is a page out of Bernard's book, but with a dining room and bar.
Comfort Inn Shawinigan M1/2 1-866-400-4087 0,4,5 This is just a nice room. Easy to get to, but the Governeur is better. Must cross the river.
Château Roberval Roberval 373 1-418-275-7511 2,4,5,6 Nice place this far north. They have improved, food is excellent. Also a mall nearby.
Econo Lodge Forestville 3 1-877-677-2278 2,4 Basically, this is a truck stop. The trail conditions were horrible, but there isn't much choice up here.
Holiday Inn Saguenay Jonquire 83/383 1-418-548-3124 1,2,3,4,5 Home of Saguenay Bill. Good trail access and vehicle parking, but a large chain hotel atmoshere.
Hôtel Baie-Saint-Paul Baie-Saint-Paul 3/378 1-418-435-3683 2,4,5 Great stop, nice rooms. Good food and drink. Busy place nice atmoshere.
Hôtel Coronet Sacré-Coeur 93 1-418-236-9444 1,2,3,4,5 Newly renovated, nice location. Groceries, beer, and gas on-site.
Hôtel du Jardin St-Félicien 373 1-418-679-8422 2,4,5,6 Nice rooms, great buffets [except Chinese], nice bar. Downhill in 2008.
Hôtel la Sagueneenne Chicoutimi 83 1-418-545-8326 2,4,5 Excellent stop, right in the city. I liked everything about it. Indoor sled parking, and may be a good starting point.
Hôtel Le Manoir Baie-Comeau 3 1-418-296-3391 0,2,4 Nice place, but not for snowmobilers. Quiet and fancy. Nothing nearby. Didn't try the food.
Hôtel Matagami Matagami 396 1-819-739-2501 1,2,3,4,5 Great place, as far North as you can go. Excellent snowmobiler stop. Truck-stop food.
Hôtel Montagnais Chicoutimi 83 1-418-543-1521 1,2,3,4,5,6 Nice place, has it all. It's a little tricky to get to by sled.
Hôtel Roquemont Saint-Raymond 23 1-418-337-6734 1,2,4,5 Rooms are so-so. Nice restaraunt and bar. Also has plenty of truck parking.
Hôtel Tamarac Clova 83 1-819-662-3319 1,2,3,4 Almost as remote as it gets, nice people.
Hôtel Universel Alma 23 1-418-668-5261 0,2,4 Nice rooms. Great bar and restaraunt. Located in a mall with movie theater. No local gas.
Le Manoir Richelieu La Malbaie Off 378 1-418-665-3703 0,2,4,5,6 Speaks for itself.
Joncas Adventure St-Sauveur 63 1-819-435-2112 1,2 Nicer version of Kanawata.
Manoir St-Castin Lac-Beauport Off 304 1-418-841-4000 0,2,4 Fancy place. Bank, gas, store nearby with truck. Early season, had to start from Relais du Nord.
Motel Safari Shawinigan 351-M2 1-819-536-2664 4 What can you say...Bernard's the man. Not sure how the smoking regulations are effecting him.
Motel Senabi Senneterre 83/93 1-819-737-2327 4 Very minimal, no services, but nice rooms.
Passion Quebec St-David-de-Falardeau 93 1-418-673-1001 1,3,4 The place to start from in November. Good price, bring your own food.
Pelchat Les Escoumins 93 1-418-476-5046 1,2,3,4,5 Truck stop. Food is across the street.
Pourvoirie Barrage Gouin La Tuque? Off 83 1-819-666-2332 1,2,3,5 Great Place. Friendliest hosts. Gateway to the bush trails.
Pourvoirie des 100 lacs Mont Laurier Off 33 1-819-440-4545 1,2 Excellent outfitter, hard to get too. Good food and drink. Nice fireplace, small rooms.
Pourvoirie du lac Moreau Saint Urbain Off 83 1-418-665-4400 1,2 Very fancy, food is strange. Not cheap. OK stop, but I probably won't go again.
Pourvoirie Kanawata Saint-Michel-Des-Saints 83&345 1-450-875-0977 1,2 The ultimate sportsmans retreat. Careful in the shower and don't drink the water.
Pourvoirie Lac Blanc Saint-Alexis-Des-Monts 349/350 1-819-265-4242 1,2,4,5,6 About as nice as a Pourvoire can get.
Pourvoirie le Fer à Cheval Mont-Laurier 13 1-819-667-2525 1,2,4 Great for snowmobilers. Good location, gas, great food, small bar, and very busy when we were there.
Pourvoirie le Goeland Lac Edouard 355 1-819-653-2006 1,2,4 Nice outfitter in a good spot. Still no internet.
Pourvoirie Scott Mont St-Michel 13/33 1-819-623-2220 1,2 Two main trails go thru the parking lot, but that's it. Bring your own carbon-monoxide detector.
Pourvoirie Windigo LaTuque 83 1-819-523-8181 0,2,5 Nice place, but no gas. Great outfitter.
Rabaska Ferme-Neuve 322 1-819-623-1818 1,2,5 First class all the way. Great hosts. Everything is new. You sleep in a very nice, fully furnished cabin.
Relais 22 La Tuque 73/83 1-819-523-6222 1,2 Excellent stop, finally stayed there. Simple rooms, like most outfitters.
Scoobyraid Lamarche 485 1-418-481-1001 0,2 Great stop. No gas when we were there, but it's not far away. Nice new Chalets. One of a few stops in the Monts Valin.
Fleuve Saint Laurent - Sud
Name City Trail Rating Phone Notes Comments
Auberge l'Ambassadeur Amqui 5/587 1-418-629-6464 2,4,5 Nice small town stop. Small, but fun bar. Restaraunt was busy.
Chateau Fraser Cabano 83 1-418-854-3015 1,4,5 Fancy place, but they don't have anything but rooms. Everything else is nearby.
Hôtel Baie Bleue Carleton-sur-Mer 5 1-418-364-3355 1,2,3,4,5 Busy place. Typical good stop.
Hôtel Bernieres Saint-Nicolas 5 1-418-831-3119 1,2,3,4,5 Busy place. Be secure. Good access to the Gaspe.
Hôtel Copper Murdochville 597 1-418-784-2566 1,2,3,4 Basic room. Truck-stop food.
Hôtel la Cote Surprise Perce Off 5 1-418-782-2131 2,4 Open early season. Fancy, but you leave your gear in the lobby. We were the only ones there.
Hôtel le Florimay Montmagny 5 1-418-241-5330 1,4,5 Only room in town that day. No restaurant/bar. Try L'Oiselière.
Hôtel le Francis New Richmond 5 1-418-392-4485 2,4 Good stop, but don't remember it much. I must have been tired.
Hôtel Levesque Rivière-du-Loup 85 1-418-862-6927 2,4,5 Great starting place for the Gaspe. Everything here is good.
Hôtel L'Oiseliere Montmagny 5 1-418-248-1640 1,2,4,5,6 Great place. Indoor pool, etc. Tiny bar, more family oriented. Plenty of sled/trailer parking. Good starting point
Hôtel-Motel Le Quiet Lac Megantic 65 1-819-583-6666 1,2,3,4,5 Convenient stop, with a truck-stop feel, and a little pricey for the room.
Hôtel Rimouski Rimouski 5/578 1-418-725-5000 1,2,4,5 Nice place, but hard to get to.
Le Manoir Lac-Etchemin Lac-Etchemin 55 1-418-625-2101 1,2,4,5 Fancy place. Reasonable rooms, expensive food. Need frozen Lac for trail access.
Motel Brunante Sainte Anne des Monts 5 1-418-763-3366 1,2,3,4,5 Another nice small town stop. Very busy place. Has everything you need.
Motel Caribou Rivierè-au-Renard 5 1-418-269-3344 2,4 Another nice small town stop. Very busy place, but I think it was Valentine's.
Motel Fleur de Lys Percè Off 5 1-418-782-5380 2,4,5 Excellent tourist stop. Food was excellent. Easy access to everything in town, by sled.
Motel le Gaspèsiana Sainte-Flavie 587 1-418-775-7233 0,2,4 Great location, on the St. Lawrence. Food was excellent, maybe expensive?
Motel Mont-Saint-Pierre Mont-Saint-Pierre 5 1-418-797-2202 2,3,4 The ride in and out of Mont-Saint-Pierre is one of kind. Five-star snowmbile ride.
Selectotel Amqui off 5 1-418-629-2241 2,4 Nice bar. Marginal food [like a Denny's]. Rooms seperate from bar/restaurant.
Selectotel Pointe-a-la-Croix 5 1-418-788-2070 1,2,4 Convenient stop. Marginal food [like a Denny's].
0:No Gas, 1:Gas Nearby, 2:Rest/Bar, 3: Conv. Store, 4:TV/Phone, 5:Internet, 6:Pool